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Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you
My own website with Original decorative pottery, jewelry and accessories, and were Each piece is exclusively and entirely handmade
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Saturday, October 23, 2010


In recent weeks I have been working on something different.

The roosters.

With many practical uses these bases are painted entirely by hand.

Are lined with cork underneath, there are now in two sizes, the smallest is ideal as a base of bottle, the greater can have different uses, to put hot dishes on the table, such as cheese plate ,....

There currently are available for sale in Alma Lusa (airport and S. Bento, Lisbon).



“When we hold a piece that someone made, we are holding a part of someone else.”

Beth Livesay

Managing editor of JewelryAffaire

This sentence is in the letter from the editor of jewlryAffaire Autumn 2010, and I could not agree more.

Yes, indeed, my work is in jewelryAffaire Fall 2010, and I'm very happy about it.

 You can see in JewlryAffaire fantastic pieces of various designers.

A BIG thanks to jewelryAffaire for featured my work.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Things to do

After nearly two weeks at home, work at the studio is much, both the new decorative work, such as the restoration work. The day was largely spent organize everything for this week can be as productive as possible. Of course I always think I will do more than is humanly possible, the list I made is probably working for two weeks. As always new things happened in midweek and everything changed.

but after all the most important thing is that I love having the day so busy creating and producing.

However today was the first meeting of my son's school. The school project is fantastic and there is an exchange between parents and school, so I brought home work:) all the daddies will paint a bit of tissue, which then will be stitched to make a tablecloth for picnic for children. I loved the idea!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


After I spent two weeks trying to cure a cold, I discovered, after all that I have a strong allergy!

The good news is that I am much better!