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Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Colourful Valentine's Day

Today, these hearts, filled the studio with color and joy.

Why  St. Valentine's day  is always full of red accessories. Yes I know, the color of passion ....

But why not, warm and cheerful colors, snuggling hearts and sharing smiles.
And the red is also invited:)

These hearts will soon be available at the shop

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The first giveaway of 2012

It's been a while since I make a giveaway.

And as you've seen, part of  my new collection is displayed at the shop.

I have to tell you that I am very pleased with the new designs, and I already have one of each for me :)

New colors and new designs are almost ready and will soon available.

But while in the studio, colors and shapes merge to form the new collection. I decided to offer you the

Statement necklace in shades of burgundy and blue

I'm thrilled with this giveaway.

The necklace is for sale on the shop for

and can be yours for free:)

How to enter

Follow my blog , like my  facebbok page or like my Etsy shop,

- write a brief description of the new collection - see images bellow - AND

- write 5 key words that describes the new collection best

The winner will be chosen for the quality and creativity of the text and key words that identify best the collection. 

Be creative, share, and above all, have fun!

During the giveaway, I will share the contestant's texts on my facebook page.

Come by / Swing by and say hello!
This giveaway will close on February 17 and the winner will be announced on February 20!

Good luck to all!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Moodboard

Joy, happiness, good vibes and colorcan be like a network, may spread through out the world and fill the hearts of those in need.
That  the happy moments have more importance than the less good, that one little moment of happiness bring you enough energy to fill the rest of your day.
The theme this week for me, is happiness, color and laughter.
Appreciate the good moments  and forget the bad ones.
From Europeanstreetteam  a week filled with good vibes for all:)And do not forget to laugh:)
Happy week
Star of the East is hosting the Monday Moodboard game. If you visit their blog, you can see other EST members’ moodboards.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New jewelry collection - Spring 2012

This Last week, I worked mainly in the new collection of jewelry.
Some pieces are already in the shop.

Here are some pictures.

 The inspiration for the structure came from the coral and marine life.

The colors are
 spring ... blue, turquoise, orange, red ...

Be aware, there are more news on the way.

I'm very happy with the result.

What do you think?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I win the Cultivate your creativity from Ho my Handmade

Are You reminded of the giveaway I participated?

From Ho my handmade!

A wonderful blog, I strongly advise you to visit. Was a fantastic experience, I met wonderful people and amazing worksI am eager to follow his journey and this is a wonderful feeling.The empathy and complicity that you feel for somebody who lives miles away has no words.

Sadly I did not win:)

But the dear Jessica offered to all participants a copy of his workbook, cultivate your creativityAnd you can not imagine the impact it had on me.

Cultivate Your Creativity Workbook: An illustrated workbook full of inspiring worksheets and reflections to help you make the time and space to cultivate your creativity. The illustrated worksheets and quotes in this book are tools to help be more mindful in your creative work and get to the heart of what inspires and brings you hope. My intention is for them to fill your mind and heart with ideas and be a safe place for all your creative dreams to blossom.

I really believe that nothing happens by chance and things have a right timing to happen.
When I print the book and started reading, I confess, I fell into tears (I must say I'm very emotional and I cry for everything, happiness, sadness ... in short, I am this way, and I like :)
 I was very moved because it was really what I needed to read and feel.

So ... I have three copies printed:) one in front of the computer, the other in the studio and finally  I print a smaller to fit on the agenda:) I love it! can notice?

Thank you Jessika!

Thank you Ho my handmade!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am a privileged to have wonderful people in my life

2011 for me was marked above all for, really, really work,  few hours of sleep, little rest.You know it did not go so well at the end of the year, extreme tiredness took me two times to the urgencies of the the hospital, the first due to fatigue and stress, and the second time a week later ... due to fatigue and stress. because I'm stubborn. The doctor told me to rest ... and I slowed down the  rhythm a bit,  of course next week there I was again.
I was indeed forced to rest. Sometimes rest is just not stress about that long list of daily tasks, completely impossible to achieve, but I'm stubborn, I always believe it is perfectly possible. 
After a week that I forgot to program, to run, to fulfill schedules, hearing about crisis. Where I started to breathe, look at my work as I truly feel, with an enormous pleasure in creating, when I started to feel again the real importance of small things. I was me again:)
In the past year wonderful things happenedand we must stop to be able to look for these events and give them the value they deserve and take real advantage of them. Only in this way things make sense. Of course there are difficult moments, and times when we do not have the slightest idea what to do to overcome obstacles, and there are times when the obstacles are huge One thing I learned this year, it is urgent to breathe deeply, it is imperative never override the quantity above qualityand this applies in terms of business and leisure. I am a privileged for doing what I love And above all I can not stop talking about something really important here.  The community, sharing and  support .  The wonderful people who were part of my year. Without you, nothing would be the same. I am a privileged to have wonderful people in my lifeto share my days with such strong teams and partners, to have met fantastic women, that like me are fighting for their dreams.Have a wonderful 2012