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Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I win the Cultivate your creativity from Ho my Handmade

Are You reminded of the giveaway I participated?

From Ho my handmade!

A wonderful blog, I strongly advise you to visit. Was a fantastic experience, I met wonderful people and amazing worksI am eager to follow his journey and this is a wonderful feeling.The empathy and complicity that you feel for somebody who lives miles away has no words.

Sadly I did not win:)

But the dear Jessica offered to all participants a copy of his workbook, cultivate your creativityAnd you can not imagine the impact it had on me.

Cultivate Your Creativity Workbook: An illustrated workbook full of inspiring worksheets and reflections to help you make the time and space to cultivate your creativity. The illustrated worksheets and quotes in this book are tools to help be more mindful in your creative work and get to the heart of what inspires and brings you hope. My intention is for them to fill your mind and heart with ideas and be a safe place for all your creative dreams to blossom.

I really believe that nothing happens by chance and things have a right timing to happen.
When I print the book and started reading, I confess, I fell into tears (I must say I'm very emotional and I cry for everything, happiness, sadness ... in short, I am this way, and I like :)
 I was very moved because it was really what I needed to read and feel.

So ... I have three copies printed:) one in front of the computer, the other in the studio and finally  I print a smaller to fit on the agenda:) I love it! can notice?

Thank you Jessika!

Thank you Ho my handmade!


  1. The book looks great, I think i'm gonna buy it.
    The words of Ho my handmade are beautiful. You win next time.
    Have a nice day :)

  2. Yes Susana the book is wonderful.
    About winning, I already win :) this book was the words that I realy need to read. Breathe, create and give value to all that I have built up here, sometimes we're so consumed thinking about the future, that we forget to appreciate what we have so precious at the moment, the result of days of work, commitment and dedication. and without this perception, it is not possible to move on. That's why I feel so winning, so grateful and full of energy:)