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Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you

Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you
My own website with Original decorative pottery, jewelry and accessories, and were Each piece is exclusively and entirely handmade
Welcome to my little space made of clay and color.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

And the winner is...

It is with great pleasure that I announce the result of the first giveaway of 2011.

the winner will receive my mini soap.
the result was determined by the Random Generator.

The winning number is:

That belongs to
Congratulations to the winner, I hope you enjoy!

I want to thank everyone who participated.
 Soon, I'll make a new giveaway. In the next giveawy, will be one of my pieces of jewelry.

Friday, January 21, 2011

What's new

The new rings  are now available on the shop

more news will be available soon:

My son is now in good health, and went back to kindergarten. 
 I came back with full force to the studio. Prepare orders for stores, studies of color and shapes.
These are the first imagesI really liked the result I especially like the green / Jade.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Flickr Favorites

1. Fly away, 2. 013|365, 3. 360/29 I love my phobia, 4. water lily flower in the morning sunshine #3

I confess that I still have much to learn and work in flickr. Normally I do not have time available and there is always so much to do. But unfortunately, this week my baby is sick and I'm home with him. He is recovering well and we're both looking forward to nice days to walk around, smell the flowers and run through the fields :)
To see more great mosaics take a look at ArtMind blog.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I Have Been Given the Stylish Blogger Award by AYA WEDDING!
  THANK YOU dear Ayça!
It was a great surprise to start the year!

this is the how this award works. You Have to:

- Thank and link back to the person who you Awarded;
- share 7 things about yourself;
- Pay it forward to 15 bloogers you like;
- Contact Those bloggers about the award!

Here are a few things about myself:

  1.  -I'm a dreamer, despite having my feet firmly on the ground, I love to travel in my dreams, they open the door to my creativity:)
  2. - I'm stubborn
  3. - but I recognize when I'm wrong:)
  4. - I love to walk through the countryside and go to the beach
  5. - I love spring and summer, not like the cold or rain
  6. - I want one day, to go live to Brazil, preferably near a beach in Northeast Brazil
  7. - I do not know to be quiet, I always have to invent something to do

Here are a Stylish Blogs!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

First giveaway of 2011

To celebrate the new year I'll make a new giveaway.
the first of 2011.
To  thank all who visit me, like my work and encourage me to do better.
This time I want to give away my mini soap dish.

You can see it better in my Etsy shop.
This give away is open to everyone.
To participate you can make up to three entries.
So I can validate the entries you need to hearted my Etsy shop, follow my blog or like my Facebook page.
In each comment you need to put your email address without the @.
  example - your name at hotmail dot com.

this give away will end on January 30 and the winner will be announced on January 31, through the random generator.

Thank you for participating and good luck to all!