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Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The first giveaway of 2012

It's been a while since I make a giveaway.

And as you've seen, part of  my new collection is displayed at the shop.

I have to tell you that I am very pleased with the new designs, and I already have one of each for me :)

New colors and new designs are almost ready and will soon available.

But while in the studio, colors and shapes merge to form the new collection. I decided to offer you the

Statement necklace in shades of burgundy and blue

I'm thrilled with this giveaway.

The necklace is for sale on the shop for

and can be yours for free:)

How to enter

Follow my blog , like my  facebbok page or like my Etsy shop,

- write a brief description of the new collection - see images bellow - AND

- write 5 key words that describes the new collection best

The winner will be chosen for the quality and creativity of the text and key words that identify best the collection. 

Be creative, share, and above all, have fun!

During the giveaway, I will share the contestant's texts on my facebook page.

Come by / Swing by and say hello!
This giveaway will close on February 17 and the winner will be announced on February 20!

Good luck to all!


  1. Let me give you some help:)
    Text can be about what you like best in the collection, shapes, colors, what else attracts you!
    Key words: colorful, cheerful, fun, modern .....

  2. The new Azulado collection brings to mind the charm of nature's surprising shapes. Rather abstract forms resembling corals, strange underwater formations, lava stones but also the more concrete shapes of hearts and flowers. And a stunning palette of vivid, striking contrasts of turquoise and flaming red or orange -being Greek, it instantly spoke to my heart and spelled "Mediterranean"...
    If I had to choose 5 words for this collection, they'd be: MEDITERRANEAN SPIRIT, NATURE-INSPIRED and VIVID!!
    I absolutely loved it.

    I follow you via GFC as deb_oro and on Facebook as Despina Vnt
    My best,

  3. Beautiful new collection, Sandra! I love the aquatic shapes and organic textures. The watercolor-like glaze complements the ceramic and gives it a unique tactile character. The surprising bright colors and the boldness of these jewelries would make the wearer feel like a nature Goddess.
    5 words: organic, aquatic, natural, tribal, wearable art

  4. I love this collection because of the organic shapes and colors combo.
    It reminds me.... Greece and Portugal and my time spent there, And I love the simplicity of those items... All this jewelry looks like it is just fished out from the sea or found on the beach.

    beach jewelry, summer, sea, aquatic, organic shape, bright colors,coral like

  5. following on gfc as jhb

    This collection will make you feel like you've been beachcombing on a gorgeous South Pacific island and somehow managed to make gorgeous pieces of jewelry out of your finds! The eye-catching jewelry will surround you with the senses of the ocean and the lively creatures that live there!

    Festive, tactile, organic, colorful, raw

  6. Sandra, I love your new collection. The beautifully intense turquoise, green, orange-red and the coral-like shapes remind me of holidays by the sea full of sunshine and happiness.
    The 5 words which for me represent this collection are: nature, seaside, Mediterranean, vivid, coral.

    I follow you on Google as Katerina and on FB and Etsy as Overtherainbow

  7. I'm delighted with your words!
    I begin to realize that I have a huge challenge to select the best:)

    Thank you for your kindness!

  8. When I first saw the earrings in shade of red (i´m not sure if were red or orange) in a treasury I was amazed.
    I love the colors, and then I thought "it´s like Sandra´s work" And then I saw Azulado.
    The new collection follows the line work of Sandra, with bright colors, lovely forms, and I love them all.

    Kiss, continue the good work Sandra

  9. Beautiful collection, with a distinct Mediterranean character.
    Volcanoes, the rough charm of nature and the vast sea reflect the pieces.
    Vivid colors, to fight away the depression, especially for the Southern people of Europe, who are going hard times.
    The pieces make me dream away.
    The bright red and the luminous turquoise also remind me of fairy-tale illustrations.

    Key-words: coral, sea, organic, nature-inspired, vivid

    I follow you on Facebook, as Gloria Grahame
    My best,

  10. wow lovely giveaway :)
    GFc: Prerana kedia
    email :
    liked ur ETSy shop :)
    loveing ur collection, they r so simple nd yet classy
    thhese r just the wndrfull collections which cn add a "OOMPH" factor to ny of ma attire :)
    just feelin " OOH LALA " by lookin at thm :) i feel as if it brings forward to us fusion of ethnicity and modernism :)
    key words:unique art jewellery, nature inspired,colourfull,amazing nd bfull :)

  11. Hello! I'm Vanessa and I follow your blog. (:

    I think it's difficult to come up with something creative, yet wearable such that it can become a fashon statement. This is especially so if you're not a hollywood star. This statement necklace is it, funky and uniquely vintage.

    The 5 key words:

    Elegant, unique, vintage, personalised, romantic.

    chocolates_smiles at hotmail dot com