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Click on the image below and let yourself travel to my handmade site

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Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I am a privileged to have wonderful people in my life

2011 for me was marked above all for, really, really work,  few hours of sleep, little rest.You know it did not go so well at the end of the year, extreme tiredness took me two times to the urgencies of the the hospital, the first due to fatigue and stress, and the second time a week later ... due to fatigue and stress. because I'm stubborn. The doctor told me to rest ... and I slowed down the  rhythm a bit,  of course next week there I was again.
I was indeed forced to rest. Sometimes rest is just not stress about that long list of daily tasks, completely impossible to achieve, but I'm stubborn, I always believe it is perfectly possible. 
After a week that I forgot to program, to run, to fulfill schedules, hearing about crisis. Where I started to breathe, look at my work as I truly feel, with an enormous pleasure in creating, when I started to feel again the real importance of small things. I was me again:)
In the past year wonderful things happenedand we must stop to be able to look for these events and give them the value they deserve and take real advantage of them. Only in this way things make sense. Of course there are difficult moments, and times when we do not have the slightest idea what to do to overcome obstacles, and there are times when the obstacles are huge One thing I learned this year, it is urgent to breathe deeply, it is imperative never override the quantity above qualityand this applies in terms of business and leisure. I am a privileged for doing what I love And above all I can not stop talking about something really important here.  The community, sharing and  support .  The wonderful people who were part of my year. Without you, nothing would be the same. I am a privileged to have wonderful people in my lifeto share my days with such strong teams and partners, to have met fantastic women, that like me are fighting for their dreams.Have a wonderful 2012


  1. This is such an inspiration to me... indeed I also forget sometimes to take it slow and enjoy life in between the daily tasks... we gotta make each day nice in itself, not only live thinking of tomorrow.
    Get some rest, you sure deserve it! You only have one body, take good care of it :)
    Thank you so much for featuring my journal here!

  2. Thank you for sharing your challenges with slowing down and reminding us all to BREATHE!

  3. It is a privilege and honour to be fighting along with you Sandra!
    Somedays it truly is a task just to remember to Breath, May we all take this year to slow down, be reminded of the little things that matter and ignore those that don't.
    For you a wish for a truly healthy, Inspiring and creative New Year!
    Thank you so much for featuring my tunics.

  4. Thank you Sandra for your words, so true and full of hope and power to face this new year.
    Thank you for your support, your company and your friendship.
    I wish you have a wonderful 2012.

    Thank you so much for featuring my little dress in your blog.

  5. I was moved by your words!
    And that is how it goes ahead. with this genuine sense of support and friendship!
    Thank you friends:)