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Come visit me here Where handmade news waiting for you
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Relevant findings

In recent times the word relevance has become very relevant for those who sell on Etsy.
  Suddenly there was a change, and like all change, fear and insecurity knocked at the door of so many stores.
after spending several nights to read posts and comments in forums and blogs I ended up finding myself watching my whole journey since I opened the shop azulado.
When looking at my shop todayand remind me of the first images and pieces the change is abysmal.
one of the things I like about etsy is that to learnthe vast articles available on everything that involves the design, marketing and selling.
Learning this can be applied in various directions according to what is intended business.
for me it is all aboutdo bettermake mistakes and learn from mistakesnot being afraid to take risks and give everything you can. do everything with love and dedication.
I sell my work on etsy and design stores in Portugal.
What began as a dream has now become part of reality.

And this dream is only possible because I dedicate myself to it with all the energy, passion and dedication that is possible.
Every day there is an obstacle to overcome, a goal to achieve and the projects will slowly taking shape.
You can not achieve anything without hard work and dedicationIt is not enough to make some pieces shooting them and be waiting for something to happen.
You have to learninvestigate, research, disseminate and foremost confront the fears and insecurities.
you can not do for fear of failure. only with the mistakes you learn a lotAnd when things do not work in a waythere's always another way to test.

Upon hearing the concerns of so many shops in the face of the new search system etsy.I can only say that the secret is surely not to invest efforts questioning why the change.
if you ask me what is the form of tags and titles to the pieces, what is the magic algorithm that makes it all happen .... I do not have the slightest idea:)
But I think it's like everything in life, try, try out, analyze, and above all continue to work to create, to do what you can do better.
I discovered on Etsy wonderful creators. I found some great people, wonderful teams.
The human, and supportive partner make this site something special.
Thanks for doing wonderful handmade, for not being afraid to take risks, for sharing 

And now I'll look a few times for my titles and tags, think like a buyer and make some more experiments :)

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  1. You couldn't be more right :)
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Wonderful post Sandra, I totally agree with you.

  3. Great post, Sandra. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wise and honest words.

    I have to work on my tags and things too;) Let' live and learn.

    - Bai

  4. Thank you girls for the lovely words :)